Our Mission

The Proximity Foundation is an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of youth in medicine. By writing articles, creating educational content, and utilizing social media, we hope to expose younger audiences to the healthcare industry, new medical innovations, and the inner workings of the human anatomy.

Meet the Team

Pratham Bhatt
Founder and President

Shivam Patel
Director of Community Service

Esther Bistricer
Co-Director of Content Creation

Dev Dwivedi
Director of Curriculum Development

Ayush Gupta
Director of Awareness

Shannon Tan
Co-Director of HR

Tarunya Mayil

Gaurvi Awasthi
Director of Networking

Dhruv Patel
Co-Director of Content Creation

Aryan Bansiwal
Director of Video Creation

Neha Edala
‍Co-Director of HR

Lina Hilal
‍Co-Director of HR

Ashwin Bhaskar
Co-Lead of the Youth Initiative

Shaina Maitra
Lead of the Mentor Initiative

Pranav Thota
Co-Lead of the Youth Initiative

Shefali Awasthi
Lead of the Newsletter Initiative

Central Jersey Chapter - NJ, USA
Co-Presidents - Shreya Bollu and Prisha Patel
Vice President - Pranavi Pothuganti

President - Manhattan Chapter

Sugar Land Chapter - TX, USA

President - Chicago Chapter