Proximity's Writing Contest

The Proximity Foundation is hosting its first ever essay contest! The deadline has now elapsed and results will be announced shortly!
What are the prompts for the contest?

A description and outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as past pandemics - High School
An analysis of the current healthcare system and how it can be improved - High School
A description of the direction in which the field of medicine is progressing - Middle School/High School

What are the essay guidelines?

The essay can be a maximum of 4 pages, not including the title page or references
The formatting should be Times New Roman, size 12 font, with double spacing
An example essay can be found by clicking HERE

Where do I submit my essay?

Click HERE to submit your essay

What are the prizes for this competition?

Winners from each category and group will be featured on our Instagram page and website.

All AI-related submissions will be featured on our partner's website, AI4AI!

All neuroscience or mental health related submissions will be displayed on our partner's blog and a podcast interview will be conducted for all winners

The best essay overall and the best essay relating to neuroscience or mental health will each be receiving a gift card

Who will be judging this competition?

Dr. Etim - Senior Lecturer at the University of Uyo in Nigeria
Dr. Etim - Lecturer in Akwa Ibom State University in Nigeria
Dr. Schultzel - Colorectal, General, and Robotic Surgeon from the USA
Dr. Patterson - Bariatric Surgeon from the USA
Dr. Husain - Otolaryngologist from the USA

Deadline: July 25th, 11:59 PM EST