Proximize 2020

September 12th-13th

Connecting the next generation of medical enthusiasts with a network of industry professionals and providing them access to workshops and opportunities


Tentative Schedule

Day 1

9:45 AM

Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM

Keynote Speaker
Inna Husain - Laryngologist

11:00 AM

Workshop: Effective Study Techniques
Matthew Espinoza

Learn how to effectively study through the use of accelerated learning techniques

1:00 PM

Undergraduate Mentor Panel

Have any questions on the college application process? Ask our panel any questions you may have!

2:00 PM

Workshop: An Insight into Alzheimer's Disease
Siddharth Satish

Learn about Alzheimer's Disease, a devastating neurological condition

3:00 PM

Medical Trivia!

Challenge yourself by attending our medical trivia game and potentially win prizes!

4:00 PM

Trauma Investigators

Observe a day in the life of EMS, Trauma Surgeons, and the inner workings of the ER!

6:00 PM

Speaker: Rani Banik

7:00 PM

Workshop: Finding Internships
Shivali Gulati

Looking for internships? Learn more about the process and dedication required!

Day 2

10:00 AM

Contest Submission Deadline

10:30 AM

Keynote Speaker
Tina Ho - Plastic Surgeon

11:30 AM

Workshop: Medical Career Exploration
Pratham Bhatt

12:30 PM

Speaker: Anupam Nandwana
Founder and CEO of P360

1:30 PM

Medical Mystery: CaseX

Intrigue yourself with a game of medical mystery. After being given various clues and talking with a "patient", attempt to diagnosis them!

2:30 PM

Workshop: Managing An NPO
Sanya M.

Learn how to manage a large nonprofit organization and what is required

3:30 PM

Speaker: Sarah Ramzan
Family Doctor

4:30 PM

Internet Scavenger Hunt!

5:30 PM

Workshop: Mental Health and Its Importance

Learn about the importance of good mental health and how it is essential during times like these

6:30 PM

Closing Ceremony

Meet Our Speakers

Anupam Nandwana
Founder and CEO of P360
As a lifelong professional in the life sciences industry, my data and AI expertise and entrepreneurial spirit have given me the power to create something wonderful – P360 as it is today, and in the future. My vision is to transform the business of life science to ultimately facilitate more speed to market and more care to patients. What drives me every day is my passion for providing you with cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions that make your businesses stronger, and ultimately your lives easier. Powered possibilities.
Inna Husain
Inna Husain, MD is a board-certified otolaryngologist with fellowship training in Laryngology. She completed her medical education at UT Southwestern in Dallas and then went on to complete her otolaryngology head and neck surgery residency at Northwestern. She completed a fellowship at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard teaching school. She is currently the Section Head of Laryngology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.
Sarah Ramzan
Family Doctor
My name is Dr. Sarah Ramzan and I am a Family Doctor practicing in Toronto, Canada. I completed both my medical school and residency training in Canada. Currently, I work in a clinic taking care of patients of all ages and I am also a Medical Director and non-surgical injector at a cosmetic company. I enjoy singing, dancing, and spending time in nature. I'm always looking for the perfect sunset!
Tina Ho
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Tina Ho is a fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and board-certified head and neck surgeon serving greater Philadelphia. She attended the College of William and Mary as a 1693 Scholar, part of the university’s most selective merit-based scholarship program and then obtained a degree in medicine at the University of Virginia. She completed a five-year residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center and a fellowship in Chicago.
Rani Banik
Dr. Rani Banik specializes in Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, and Headache.  She has created a Center of Excellence using her unique approach to vision health and wellness. She manages a wide spectrum of conditions affecting vision, as well as the complex connections between the eye and brain.

Meet Our Workshop Hosts

Pratham B
Founder of the Proximity Fondation
Pratham Bhatt is a rising junior at the Middlesex County Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences whose future aspiration is to become a health care physician, researcher, and speaker. He is the founder of the Proximity Foundation, the organizer of this conference and the initiative which has affected over 5,000 individuals worldwide. His workshop will shed light on the various careers that the medical industry has to offer.
Shivali Gulati
Founder of GirlGeniusMag
Shivali Gulati is a high school senior from the Bay Area passionate about bridging the gender gap in STEM. By founding GirlGeniusMag, her team has reached 479,000+ girls from 46 states & 78 countries through their magazine issues, virtual events, and social media campaigns. When Shivali is not working on Girl Genius, she can be found interning at companies like Verizon, 3D printing keychains for local organizations, or organizing hackathons throughout the Bay Area.
Siddharth Satish
Founder and President of Rememoirs
Siddharth Satish is a junior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North in NJ. He is an avid reader, debater, and a budding public health policy analyst. He is the founder and president of Rememoirs, a nonprofit organization that aims to help Alzheimer's patients.
Matthew Espinoza
Founder of Brain Companion
Matthew Espinoza an entrepreneur, productivity guru, and the founder of Brain Companion™️. He is best known for his academy 'Accelerated Learner' where he helps students MAXIMIZE their brain's potential through reading faster, studying smarter, and retaining information.
Neha Edala
Proximity Member
Neha Edala is a junior at John P Stevens High School in New Jersey, United States. She is passionate about medicine and aspires to pursue a career in healthcare. At Proximity, Neha is the Co-Director of Human Resources, an editor, and a social media manager. Outside of the Proximity Foundation, she is involved in her school’s choir program and has been accepted to the CJMEA Region Choir for four consecutive years.

Meet Our Attendees

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register to attend the conference and by which means?

All students above the age of 13 can register to attend this conference using the link above which redirects you to a google form.

Where is the conference being held and what is the cost?

This conference is completely free due to the generosity of our sponsors and partners! It will be hosted online through the use of several platforms including Zoom and Slack!

Will I be able to access the conference speeches and sessions after the event has elapsed?

We understand that there may be scheduling issues or conflicts that could result in several sessions being missed by an individual. Therefore, we are going to be recording all sessions and uploading them to Youtube and other platforms. However, activities will not be accessible after the conference has elapsed.

Do I have to attend the entire conference?

You are in no way mandated to attend all sessions if that is not feasible. You can attend as many sessions you like as our goal is to educate our viewers and supporters through the best means possible.

How can I receive updates about Proximize and ask any questions?

Connect with us on our socials to receive all the latest updates on the conference and take a look at the contact form down below for any questions you may have! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well!

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